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Search Engine Optimization in Small Businesses

By November 25, 2014 Uncategorized No Comments

Search Engine Optimization or commonly referred to as SEO is a very useful and effective online marketing strategy when done right. This marketing process is about understanding keywords and search engines and making webpages rank higher in search engine results which is should be very important for business owners who have websites. Almost all businesses have online presence nowadays: a good or sloppy website, a single Facebook fan page, a Pinterest, a Google+ Account, or an active Twitter feed. Search Engine Optimization at first glance, seems to be a complex process where only a few people know how to do and know about. This is perhaps partly true. Over the years, SEO has been proven to be an effective tool for businesses online to gain more presence, reach, customers and ultimately more sales. More often than not, these businesses are big institutions, tycoons and established brands. They practically rule every first page in every search engine websites. It is a fact that they could afford to have a third party SEO company working for them and also because they know the importance of ranking first or even just placing on the first page on search engine results especially Google, which is the universal encyclopedia of today.

Ideally, Search Engine Optimization should be available and known by everyone who owns a website or does business online. Unfortunately, not many people know about the importance of ranking and keywords, and perhaps there are more people know indeed know about SEO but have no idea how to begin or do it, and have no resources to hire an external SEO person or company.

Even small local businesses should utilize or optimize keywords for their business no matter how small the size is. As long as it is actively online, and has a website (doesn’t even matter if the website is spectacular, the design and style could come later), a business owner should do SEO. For small businesses, they could, well, start small with SEO too. First, the ‘small’ business should make information about them appear in local places pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. First step is to enter basic information like location, contact number, hours opened, and other basic details a customer would first look for. Putting enough good photos and writing all appropriate details like hours and services offered is a lot of help. Grouping the business in the correct industry category is also a must to better optimize the searching process. Search engines may not correctly rank the business when it has all the wrong categories or industry. In addition, make sure that business is owned by the rightful owner by rightfully verifying in listing websites that they are, indeed, the owner of said business. There could be another listing made with the same business details, but it is nothing to be alarmed about.

Reviews. Good reviews to be exact. Search engines especially Google examines reviews and consider it very important for a page to rank. Also, good reviews are very important in any business as these write ups are readily seen and available for the public to read. The people will now then decide whether to buy from that store or not. Making people write a review is good especially if it’s real reviews from real customers. Encourage people to write good reviews by engaging them, talking to them or having a review option or button on a website.

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